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General History tour at the Glasnevin Cemetery

Доступность: Every day
Продолжительность: 1 час, 30 минут
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  • Visit Glasnevin Cemetery set amongst 124 acres of glorious parkland
  • Learn about the people laid to rest in the cemetery
  • See the graves of some of Ireland's heroes

Glasnevin is truly both the guardian and storyteller for the 1.6 million people who have been interred here since 1832. Located just 2.5km from Dublin’s city centre, Glasnevin Cemetery covers 124 acres of glorious parkland with plenty to appreciate – perfect for those interested in exploring the legacies of Ireland’s heroes.

A hauntingly gorgeous Victorian Garden cemetery each guide is passionate about sharing their love of heritage and history, telling the stories of Ireland’s complex and fascinating history through daily walking tours turning a learning experience into a period of magic with a careful balance of passion, sensitivity and even fun.

Glasnevin’s mission strives to showcase the fascinating stories, from the ordinary to the extraordinary, of those laid to rest in the cemetery. There is an enviable collection of statues and headstones from the simplest to the magnificently ornate, including Daniel O’Connell’s crypt.

This tour gives an overview of the history of Glasnevin Cemetery and visits the graves of Ireland’s heroes – including Daniel O’Connell, Michael Collins, Roger Casement, Charles Stewart Parnell and Countess Markievicz. Hear stories of the rogues and the rebels, the famous and the infamous, the gravediggers and the grave robbers! This is a unique opportunity to gain an understanding of Ireland's complex and fascinating history.

Glasnevin Cemetery Museum is a 2018 Travellers’ Choice Award Winner.

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  • Guided tour
  • Entry into our City of the Dead Museum Exhibition
  • €5 worth of genealogy credits
  • 10% discount at the Tower Café

Gate Lodge, Finglas Rd, Botanic, Dublin 11, Ireland

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  • Tour duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes

  • Glasnevin Cemetery Museum is open daily from 10am-6pm in summer and from 10am-5pm in winter. We are open every day, with the exceptions of 1st January, 27th July, 25th December and 26th December.

  • Every day at 2.30pm there is a re-enactment of Patrick Pearse's iconic speech at the graveside of Jeremiah O'Donovan Rossa on the latter's funeral which took place in Glasnevin Cemetery on 1st August 1915. This event occurred mere months before the Easter Rising of 1916 which eventually led to Ireland becoming a Republic.

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Monday - Friday - 11.30am and 14.30pm

Saturday, Sunday & Bank Holiday Mondays - 11.30am,14.30pm & 15.30pm

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